Stop Doing This One Thing and Your Network Marketing Business Will Improve

From the very first moment that I became involved in the networking marketing industry, I was told, never to pre-judge anyone.  At my first training session, the speaker advised the audience of the following:

“Those you think will, wont; those you think won’t, will; those you think can, can’t; those you think can’t, can.”

Despite this never-ending message being relayed to us, I think it is only natural to cast judgement on people.  I think it is simply human nature.  Over time, it may be possible to regulate or control this human instinct, but I think it takes a lot of patience and practice.

I think the best way is to keep pounding that message into your brain as often as possible, because we really don’t know what is truly inside of someone.  We only see their world from a distance.  Even those we think we may be close to, may have another hidden agenda or dreams and desires that they have never shared with anyone.

This mindset is especially true with the so-called elite members of society; the CEO’s of the world; the Executives; the business owners.  We often place these individuals high on a pedestal, pedestalso high above us that by no means would they ever want to demean themselves by looking at an opportunity presented to them by someone on a lower rung of society’s status ladder.

Many of us do that, but it’s all a LOAD OF CRAP!

We are just plain and simple too afraid to speak to these people and come up with any irrational or implausible excuse not to do so.  You must stop this ridiculous and self-defeating behavoiur.

Believe me, the people you suspect would have no interest in what you have to offer, are the ones most likely to jump at your network marketing opportunity.  Why is that? I’ll give you 3 reasons:

  1. The reason these individuals have attained a certain high-level position in the business world is because they are astute.  They can identify a good opportunity when they see one. And they will most certainly not turn their backs on leveraging the efforts of others to attain passive income .
  2. They are always looking for multiple streams of income.  These executives and business owners, for the most part, have disposable income and are searching for a means to place said income for a greater return.  What better avenue to reach these goals than by having a network marketing business.
  3. They work too hard.  the majority of these people are working 60-80 hour works weeks.  Sure they are generating a lot of money, but so often times at the expense of their personal or family life or their health.  They would much rather be able to find an opportunity where they could earn a substantial amount of many, but without the long and grueling hours.

I can tell you definitively that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of prominent individuals who have become network marketing professionals.  there are many who have done so with my company, including famous athletes and CEO’s of Fortune 500 company’s.

This same negative perception holds true for the opposite success spectrum.  The people who we think do not have any money to put toward a business; those we think are not business minded; those we think have too many bills or problems to have to deal with something else.  We feel that those people may not have the brains or the business sense to do well with a network marketing business.

But again, with these people, their burning desire inside of them is what may lead them to be an all-star.  BuyerThey may not have money, but they may borrow some once they hear of the fabulous opportunity that you are presenting to them.

The common theme to remember with all of these potential leads is not to pre-judge them. Despite me preaching these words, I once did such a thing and my perception of this person almost caused me to lose a prospect.

This fellow was a co-worker of mine for several years.  In fact, I was his immediate supervisor.  Due to the nature of our business, we did not often see each other and began to work less closely as he was dealing with another superior at most times.  I thought of him right from the start as I did with all my co workers.  But I quickly set him aside as I felt that he would not be into this type of business.  I never really gave myself a plausible explanation, I just thought based on his personality, that he would not get involved.

But, a few months later, I did communicate with him briefly about the opportunity and he actually said he would be interested to hear about it.  We never set a definite date and because of that I again set him aside thinking that he was not interested and that is why he did not follow-up with me.

So one particular day, out of the blue, I thought I would contact him again to see if he would attend an information session that was not too far from where he lived.  I was very surprised that he jumped at the opportunity, attended the presentation with his fiancée and joined the business a week later.

If I had let my pre-judgement of him take full control, then I would have lost him and most likely down the road, he would have been approached by someone else.  He told me that he has been looking for the right home-based business for months.  I had no idea that he was. And that is a perfect example of what I said before, that we truly don’t know what the intentions and desires are of the people we know.

So, go out there and speak to every single person you know and meet and never pre-judge anyone.

If you enjoyed this post and feel there is some value, please feel free to share it with others.  Also, your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Wishing you great success.

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Top 3 Reasons Why People Quit Network Marketing

There is an expression in the network marketing industry that people don’t fail, they only quit.  I am not sure if I completely believe that.  I would tend to think that there must be some network marketers out there who are very bad at the business and because of their actions or lack thereof, they fail.

That being said, I do believe that the majority of people who leave the MLM industry, quit. What on earth could cause these people do leave a business that has the opportunity to make them financially independent in a few years?  Would someone actually walk away from a great opportunity without a good reason?

The answer to the latter question is YES, they would, and here are the three main reason why I believe they do so.

1. A very poor or lack of a reason “why” they are doing the business.

When I was first told about this concept it was the day that I launched my business.  I wasn’t forewarned that I would have to come up with a reason beforehand so I was a little surprised and caught off guard.  I mean, I figured that the reason I got involved was to make money and a ton of it.  Isn’t that why everybody did so?

What is Your Reason Why

What is Your Reason Why

So I had to think about it for a bit and came up with something that had to do with spending time with the family, especially my two young children.  I had missed spending quality time with my eldest child because of work and I did not want that same scenario to materialize.

I have come to realize that my reason “why”, is the most important aspect of the MLM industry.   Your “why” has to be good enough to motivate you on a day-to-day basis.  It has to be good enough to get you through the many ups and downs that you will face.  It will have to be good enough to get you past the negative attitude you will face from people, some of whom will your closest friends and family members.

So, take all the time you need and really dig deep inside yourself to reflect and come up with your reason “why” and don’t stop until that reason is absolutely perfect.

2. Not earning enough money right away.

Many people enter the network marketing industry thinking that it is a “get rich quick scheme.”  It is unfortunate that they feel this way, but the more important point is that this belief is often perpetuated by their sponsor.

Network Marketing is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Whoever I introduce my business to, I stress more than once, that the results are not a guarantee and furthermore, emphasize to them that the opportunity is not a “get rich quick scheme.”

Although there are many network marketers who earn significant income within their first year in business, this is not the norm.  Most people involved in this industry, do not experience financial rewards for at least 2 to 5 years.  In addition, there are many who do not earn significant income until at least 10 years in the industry.

Most MLM companies offer a bonus structure wherein representatives can earn some income while their residual income is building.  That being said, the reason that I became involved in this industry and why most others do, is the amount of residual income that can be generated.  To earn this type of income takes time and those who lack the patience to wait, will miss the rewards.

If you are not willing to put in at least 2 to 5 years and actually work your business during this time frame, then do not get involved or continue.

3. Not treating their business like a business.

Being a network marketer is having your own business.  You are an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word.  You are a business owner just as much as a person who owns a restaurant franchise.

Unfortunately, most network marketers do not have this same mindset.  I think the main reason for this is due to the very low start-up costs involved.  I sometimes think that the low-cost is both a benefit and a curse.  How so?  If a person only spends $500, or less, to become a network marketer, then many will treat their business like a $500 business.  I don’t think someone would have that same attitude if they had just paid $500 000 for a restaurant franchise.

So, when a network marketer’s business is not going well, if there are a lack of results or no results, then it is so easy to walk away from that $500 investment and many people do. You must treat your business like that million dollar franchise.  Believe that you are the owner of a multi-million dollar network marketing operation and act accordingly.

In summary, DO NOT QUIT! Focus on a reason “why”; work your business for at least 2 to 5 years and run it like you are the proud owner of a multi-million dollar franchise.

If you’ve found this post informative, please feel free to share it with others.  Also, your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Wishing you great success.

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How To Build Trust With Your Customer, Client or MLM Prospect With One Question

Trust: It’s hard to find, very difficult to maintain, and especially challenging to build.

And it is something that you MUST have with your prospect if you have a chance of not only obtaining that person as a customer, client or partner, but of maintaining a relationship of any nature.  trust 3

It has been well documented and stated, that people buy and do business with people they trust.  Your position, class, education, background or bank account will have no influence whatsoever on whether or not someone believes you to be a trustworthy individual.  You will have NO CHANCE at establishing any form of a business relationship if there is not a mutual trust between parties.

These days, there are so many scams and schemes out there, that people have become very weary of being approached with any type of business opportunity or venture, especially if it pertains to network marketing.  Furthermore, people do not appreciate being “sold” to as they always believe that there is some form of hidden agenda on the part of the person doing the selling.

This apprehensiveness would not exist, however if the prospect trusted you.  And herein lies the problem.  How do we as entrepreneurs and network marketing professional build trust with a prospect?

Many of you think that establishing trust is easy.  I’m certain that you have read all about ways to go about doing so.  From dressing professionally, being polite, smiling, answering all the prospects questions, asking about their personal life and complimenting them.

All these tactics are fine with building a rapport and in breaking the ice.  However, doing all this is by no means a guarantee that the prospect will trust you.  Additionally, this type of approach sometimes takes weeks, months and in some cases years to establish  trust.

Who has All This Time!!!

There is however, a very simple and easy technique that you can start using in any of your entrepreneurial endeavours and in your network marketing opportunity.  This one question, can take the place of every trick and ploy that you have ever learned about establishing trust with your prospect.

This, one-sentence, question, should be asked at the very moment that you sit down with your prospect.  That way, you will know instantly if this person trusts you.  If they don’t, then why waste time with them?  That stance may seem harsh to hear, but our time is very precious and there is no point in trying to build a relationship with someone if you have no chance of ever getting their trust.

Before I tell reveal the question, I have to confess that I can’t take credit for it.  I became aware of it during an interview of Dan Sullivan, the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action.  I was so impressed with the question, the interview and of Dan Sullivan, that I decided to put it into action and the results have been impressive.

So, are you ready for it? Here it is:

“If we were to sit down together 3 years from now, what would have to happen to make you feel happy with your success or progress.”

That’s it! It’s that simple.

You might think that the question is very odd to ask someone you have never met or barely know.  That being said, it is designed to determine definitively if a person trusts you.

If your prospect hesitates, stammers, says “I don’t know” or doesn’t answer at all, then trustthey don’t trust you and never will.   Don’t waste your time with them and kindly excuse yourself.  Come up with any story or excuse, but get the hell out of there right away. There’s no point at all in staying if you have just proven that you will never be trusted.

I know what you’re thinking.  How does this question determine if someone trusts you?  It all has to do with the person opening up to you and sharing information about themselves and their success or lack thereof in the future.

Most people would not want to discuss anything of a personal nature with someone they wouldn’t trust.  Furthermore, people are not willing to invest the time or energy to talk about their personal life in general, let alone to a stranger.  But, if that person trusts you, then the floodgates will open and they will spew an endless amount of their desires, goals and dreams.

So the next time you sit down with a network marketing prospect, a customer or a client, remember to ask this important question.  Your meeting will either be very brief or very long.  Hopefully the latter.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and feel it may be of benefit to someone, then please feel free to share it.

Wishing you great success.

Vince A. Giorno 

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