About Me

Wow!  What a journey it’s been thus far and there’s so much more in store for me.

First and foremost, I am a family man.  I have 3 wonderful children, an adult daughter, 11-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl.  They are my world, and everything I do is for them.

On the business front, I come from a government/corporate background.  I started my career as a police officer.  That was my dream job, but as it turned out, it wasn’t the dream I had imagined, so I left after a few years.

I immediately transitioned into the private sector as a Private Investigator.  It quickly became apparent that this profession was much more suited to my talents.  I rose the corporate ladder and continue working in this field after 20 years.  The plans are in the works to start my own investigation agency.

All along the way, I always had aspirations for bigger and better things.  I was always interested in entrepreneurship and at pursuing other avenues to create multiple streams of income.

In the past, I have looked at various business opportunities that included vending machines, merchant pay terminals, laundromats and precious metals, specifically silver.

I never did any of those however.  The main thing that held me back was fear; fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of discomfort.  I let that fear affect my ability to take a risk.  I was at one point looking to invest in silver when it was valued just over $6 per ounce.  I was afraid of losing so I didn’t bite and the price of silver soared to almost $50 per ounce.  I lost big time.

But never again!!  I decided at that point, to never let fear be a basis for making a decision. I never wanted to look back at anything and say to myself, “What if.”

My first venture into the entrepreneurial world was that of a real estate investor.  I always believed that buying a property and having someone else pay for it was the ultimate form of receiving passive income.  There have been some hiccups along the way, mainly dealing with shady tenants, but the reward was well worth the risk.

I will soon be entering into another venture with respect to real estate investing, syndicated mortgages, which is for people who want to invest in this industry without owning property.   I will be sharing details with you when the time comes.

Several years ago, I entered into the world of Network Marketing with a telecommunications and home services provider called ACN.  Despite the many misconceptions about this industry, it is an extremely good way to generate extra money on a very limited budget.

As I still had an affinity to precious metals, specifically silver, I decided to start building my assets with silver collectible coins.  I strongly believe that silver is a MUST in anyone’s portfolio.  Collectible coins are the most lucrative investment as they will increase in value more that silver bullion.

My journey continues. I have other business ideas and I’m looking forward to pursuing those over the next few years.  I appreciate if you can join me in this journey.  I have truly been blessed with the success I have attained and the phenomenal people who I have met.  I understand the trials and tribulations faced by many people entering the network marketing industry.  As such, I want to spend my time helping others in their entrepreneurial and network marketing journey.

“Do not stand behind me for I may not lead; Do not stand in front of me for I may not follow; Do stand beside me so we can build this business together.”


Vince A. Giorno


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